Project cargo can be daunting, but with 45,000 square feet of warehouse space, LFS has you covered. Does your cargo need to wait on more shipments? Do you need a cross-docking option? Are you on a strict delivery schedule that’s being complicated by an eager shipper? With LFS you don’t have to worry! We can collect your cargo and offer storage and loading options to fit your needs in a safe and secure, state of the art facility where you have total visibility and information at your fingertips. Reach out to us and hear the options we have to make your problem cargo the easiest shipments yet!




Moving by truck and rail is a cost-effective and safe option for cargo and LFS offers a variety of options to suit your budget and timing. We can discuss your needs and create a plan to ensure your cargo is moving in one of the most eco-friendly manners available in supply chain services.





Container services:

LFS works with your supplier to make sure we have the best container options across the board. We uniquely understand the equipment and needs of the trucker to set up a move with value added services like tri-axles, high-cubes and co-loading options available. Give LFS a call and hear the ways we can save you time and money on shipments around the world.